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Bibliography Notes: 1990-1994

These files attempt to list every known Robert Christgau article, in preparation for building a bibliographic database. They are scaffolding: something we use to build on, but not part of the finished structure. Links are provided to the website where articles are available. Entries without links are work-to-be-done. As such, this provides a checklist for adding content to the website.

Most of the original data for these files comes from Joe Yanosik.

Village Voice 1990-1994

1990-01-02 Decade: Rockism Faces the World: Also Personal Best '80s list
1990-01-16 Jesus, Jews, and the Jackass Theory: Public Enemy
1990-02-06 CG: Remmy Ongala: Songs for the Poor Man, Jungle Brothers: Done by the Forces of Nature
1990-02-27 Pazz & Jop 1989: Essay: New Kids on the Block, Critics Poll, Dean's List
1990-03-13 CG: Boulevard of Broken Dreams
1990-04-03 CG: Nick Lowe: Party of One
1990-05-22 Folkie Madonna: Sinéad O'Connor
1990-05-29 CG: Dancehall Stylee: The Best of Reggae Dancehall Music Vol. 1
1990-07-03 Sonic Youth Sell In: Project Mersh: Sonic Youth; in GUAW [Sonic Youth Sell Out]
1990-07-03 CG: Madonna: I'm Breathless
1990-07-31 CG: Welcome to the Beautiful South, Beats International: Let Them Eat Bingo
1990-09-25 CG: L.L. Cool J: Mama Said Knock You Out, Merle Travis: The Best of Merle Travis
1990-??-?? Fall 1990 Rock & Roll Quarterly
1990-10-23 CG: Rosanne Cash: Interiors, Johnny Cash: The Sun Years
1990-10-30 Dylan Back: World Goes On: Bob Dylan: Under the Red Sky
1990-11-06 Juju Beats: Book review: Christopher Alan Waterman: Juju; Chris Stapleton & Chris May: African Rock
1990-12-04 CG: Turkey Shoot
1990-12-11 Supernova: Book review: Simon Reynolds: Blissed Out
1990-12-25 CG: Bo Diddley: The Chess Box, Fats Domino: My Blue Heaven
1990-??-?? But Seriously, Folks: Mark Costello & David Foster Wallace: Signifying Rappers
1990-??-?? A Togetherness Kind of Thing: 2 Black 2 Strong
1990-??-?? Meeting of the Moguls: Original Music's Big Score
1990-??-?? Ban the Box Says: Don't Be Ridiculous!
1990-??-?? Laululava Dreams
1990-??-?? Africanist Scholar, Africanist Saint: John Gray: African Music
1990-??-?? Stevie Ray Vaughan 1954-1990: (Rockbeat)
1990-??-?? Radical Pluralist: Andrew Ross: No Respect
1990-??-?? Living Legends: B-52's; in GUAW
1990-??-?? book review: Peter van der Merwe: Origins of the Popular Style
1990-??-?? Dying Like It Oughta Be: New York Mets
1991-01-15 Perestroika, Glasnots, Art-Rock: Soviet Rock as cultural phenomenon; Books: Timothy Ryback: Rock Around the Bloc, Artemy Troitsky: Back in the USSR, Tusovka
1991-01-29 CG: Heavy on the Highlife, Red Hot and Blue
1991-02-12 A Little War Music: Arab pop music: Yalla: Hitlist Egypt, Abed Azrie: Aromates
1991-02-26 CG: Macka-B: Natural Suntan, The Pooh Sticks: Formula One Generation
1991-03-05 Pazz & Jop 1990: Essay: Hard News in a Soft Year, Critics Poll, Dean's List
1991-03-26 The Time of Their Lives: R.E.M.: Out of Time, The Feelies: Time for a Witness
1991-04-23 Sense Outa Nonsense: (Revalueshanary Fren) Linton Kwesi Johnson: Tings an' Times, Mutabaruka: Blakk Wi Blak..k..k
1991-05-07 CG: The Go-Betweens: 1978-1990, Evan Lurie: Selling Water by the Side of the River
1991-05-21 The Curse of the Mekons: The Mekons: The Curse of the Mekons; in GUAW
1991-05-28 Madonnathinking Madonnabout Madonnamusic: Madonna: The Immaculate Collection, Truth or Dare; in GUAW
1991-06-04 CG: Tshala Muana: Soukous Siren, Sonny Sharrock: Highlife
1991-06-04 Theory of the Rhythmic Class: Book review: Susan McClary: Feminine Endings: Music, Gender, and Sexuality
1991-06-18 Rock Music Is Here to Stay: Book review: Joe Carducci: Rock and the Pop Narcotic
1991-07-30 CG: The Kings and Queens of Township Jive, Downtown Science
1991-07-30 Ulysses No. 1: James Brown: Star Time; in GUAW [James Brown's Great Expectations]
1991-08-27 With God on Their Side: Gospel
1991-09-03 You Could Look It Up: Book reviews: Phil Hardy and David Laing: The Faber Companion to 20th Century Popular Music, Pete Gammond: The Oxford Companion to Popular Music, Donald Clarke: The Penguin Encyclopedia of Popular Music
1991-09-17 Born to Age: Bonnie Raitt: Luck of the Draw, The Bonnie Raitt Collection; in GUAW
1991-10-01 CG: Guitar Paradise of East Africa, Loketo: Extra Ball
1991-10-22 Rock & Roll Quarterly: Chuck D All Over the Place: Chuck D Interview by Christgau and Greg Tate
1991-10-22 Afropop Without Guilt
1991-11-05 CG: John Prine: The Missing Years, Public Enemy: Apocalypse 91 . . . The Enemy Strikes Black
1991-11-19 The Smart People: CMJ 1991
1991-12-03 CG: Turkey Shoot
1991-12-17 Ice KKKube's Aesthetikkk Merit: Big Fukkking Deal: (Me and the Devil Blues) Ice Cube: Death Certificate
1991-12-24 CG: Lefty Frizzell: The Best of Lefty Frizzell, Risqué Rhythm
1991-??-?? Hard Again: Ice Cube
1991-??-?? Ain't Illegal Yet: (Rockbeat) Milli Vanilli
1991-??-?? Who's Fucking Who?: (Rockbeat) Public Enemy Meets Madonna & Lenny
1991-??-?? Lestorian Lit: (Rockbeat) Lester Bangs
1991-??-?? Boxing Day: (Rockbeat) CD box sets
1992-01-21 Adventures in Information Capitalism: (Tale of Two Weirdos) Biz Markie is sued by Gilbert O'Sullivan
1992-01-28 CG: P.M. Dawn: Of the Heart, of the Soul and of the Cross, Pulnoc: City of Hysteria
1992-03-03 Pazz & Jop 1991: Essay: Reality Used to Be a Friend of Ours, Critics Poll, Dean's List
1992-03-03 CG: My Bloody Valentine: Loveless, Mzwakhe Mbuli: Resistance Is Defence
1992-03-31 His Hit Parade: Nat King Cole: The Nat King Cole Story, Jumpin' at Capitol, The Complete After Midnight Sessions; in GUAW
1992-04-07 For Grown-Ups of All Ages: Harry Connick Jr.: Blue Light, Red Light
1992-04-21 CG: David Murray: Shakill's Warrior
1992-06-02 CG: Pavement: Slanted and Enchanted, Orchestra Baobab: On Verra Ça
1992-06-09 An Autodidact's History of KRS-One: KRS-One; in GUAW
1992-06-16 Soul Evolvers: Sweet Soul Music: Voices From the Shadows, Otis Clay, Ann Peebles, James Carr, Swamp Dogg, Book: Peter Guralnick: Sweet Soul Music, Swamp Dogg
1992-07-07 Slavery Days: (Rockbeat)
1992-07-14 Are We Not Girls? We Are L7!: L7: Smell the Magic, Bricks Are Heavy; in GUAW
1992-07-21 Mr. Tipper: (Rockbeat) PMRC
1992-07-28 CG: The Roches: A Dove, Sonic Youth: Dirty
1992-08-11 Culture Hero: Mzwakhe Mbuli: Resistance Is Defence, Unbroken Spirit; in GUAW
1992-08-11 Ice-T Blinks: (Rockbeat) Body Count
1992-09-08 Dancing in Tight Corners: (Four Bars a Damn Fine Prison Make) Robert Cray: I Was Warned, the Chills: Soft Bomb
1992-10-06 Concrete Blond: Lucinda Williams: Sweet Old World, Happy Woman Blues; in GUAW
1992-10-20 CG: Joe Houston: Cornbread and Cabbage Greens, Sugar: Copper Blue
1992-10-27 Rockbeat: Bob on Bob: Dylan Tribute Concert
1992-11-10 Party On, Garth: (Garth's World) Garth Brooks
1992-12-01 CG: Turkey Shoot
1992-12-15 Interrogatin' Interventions
1992-12-29 CG: Louis Jordan: Five Guys Named Moe, The Coasters: 50 Coastin' Classics
1992-??-?? Things You Didn't Know About Madonna's Book Party: [with Carola Dibbell]
1992-??-?? Will Sing for Money: (Rockbeat) Kimm Rogers
1992-??-?? Free Geronimo Pratt: (Rockbeat) Mike Tyson
1993-01-12 What Are Realities of Prince Deal?: (In the Court of the Sun King) Prince; in GUAW
1993-01-26 CG: Madonna: Erotica, Sinéad O'Connor: Am I Not Your Girl?
1993-02-16 Another Bleep World: Techno: Only for the Headstrong, Utah Saints
1993-03-02 Pazz & Jop 1992: Essay: Between a Rock and a Hard Place, Critics Poll, Dean's List
1993-03-09 CG: Digable Planets: Reachin' (A New Refutation of Time and Space), The Essential Johnny Cash
1993-03-23 The Kids Are All 50: (Aftermaths) Leonard Cohen: The Future, Bob Dylan: Good As I Been to You, Lou Reed: Magic and Loss, Neil Young, Mick Jagger
1993-04-06 CG: P.M. Dawn: The Bliss Album
1993-04-20 Arguing With Perfection: Freedy Johnston: Can You Fly; in GUAW
1993-05-18 B.B. King's Complete Work: B.B. King: King of the Blues, Books: Charles Keil: Urban Blues, Charles Sawyer: The Arrival of B.B. King; in GUAW
1993-06-01 CG: PJ Harvey: Rid of Me, Coupé Cloué: Maximum Compas From Haiti
1993-06-15 Trying to Be Nice: The Popinjays: Flying Down to Mono Valley, Saint Etienne: So Tough
1993-07-13 Rude Girls Rule: Yo Yo: You Better Ask Somebody, Shanté: The Bitch Is Back, MC Lyte: Ain't No Other
1993-08-03 CG: Mbuki Mvuki, Dramarama: Hi-Fi Sci-Fi
1993-08-10 Virtual Hep: Pete Townshend: Psychoderelict, Donald Fagen: Kamakariad, Billy Idol: Cyberpunk
1993-09-28 CG: Jimmie Dale Gilmore: Spinning Around the Sun, Loudon Wainwright III: Career Moves
1993-10-05 Are You Experienced?: Bette Midler: Experience the Divine; in GUAW
1993-10-19 CG: Pet Shop Boys: Very, De La Soul: Buhloone Mindstate
1993-11-02 Loose Canon: George Clinton: Hey Man Smell My Finger, Funkadelic: Music for Your Mother, Parliament: Tear the Roof Off 1974-1980; part in GUAW
1993-11-23 CG: Turkey Shoot
1993-12-07 A Voyage to Liliput: Liliput; in GUAW
1993-12-21 CG: The Sky Is Crying: The History of Elmore James, Janis Joplin: Janis
1993-??-?? Africanist Abomination: Homophobia as a Business
1994-01-04 Making a Spectacle of Herself: Janet Jackson: Janet; in GUAW
1994-01-04 Sustaining Pleasures: Book: Laura Ingalls Wilder: Little House on the Prairie, Elmore James, Mighty Sparrow, Ornette Coleman, Mott the Hoople
1994-01-18 CG: Etoile de Dakar: Absa Gueye, Guns N' Roses: The Spaghetti Incident?
1994-01-25 Federal Filth: (Rockbeat) Jelly Roll Morton
1994-02-01 Words to Dance To: (Calypso Kings) Calypso Carnival 1936-1941, Calypso Breakaway 1927-1941, Calypso Pioneers 1912-1937, Mighty Sparrow
1994-03-01 Pazz & Jop 1993: Essay: Playing to Win, Critics Poll, Dean's List
1994-03-01 CG: The Nairobi Sound, The Shams: Sedusia
1994-03-22 Incredibly Trivial Music: Incredibly Strange Music
1994-04-05 CG: Beck: Mellow Gold, Soundgarden: Superunknown, Pavement: Crooked Rain Crooked Rain
1994-04-26 Goat God Rising: Khaled: N'ssi N'ssi; in GUAW
1994-05-17 Time Waits for No One: Richard Thompson: Mirror Blue, Watching the Dark; in GUAW
1994-05-31 CG: Latin Playboys, Archers of Loaf: Icky Mettle
1994-06-14 Virtue Unrewarded: Rhythm Country and Blues, Johnny Cash: American Recordings
1994-07-12 Gangstas and Niggaroes: Ahmad, Warren G: Regulate . . . G Funk Era
1994-07-26 CG: Slim Gaillard: Laughing in Rhythm, Sonic Youth: Experimental Jet Set Trash and No Star
1994-08-04 Two Backsliders: Iris DeMent: My Life, Sam Phillips: Martinis and Bikinis; in GUAW
1994-08-30 A Weekend in Paradise: Woodstock '94
1994-09-13 CG: Cachao: Master Sessions Volume 1, Sugar: File Under Easy Listening
1994-10-04 Let's Call the Whole Thing Pop: George & Ira Gershwin; in GUAW
1994-10-18 CG: Neil Young: Sleeps With Angels, R.E.M.: Monster
1994-11-01 God Grows Up: Eric Clapton: From the Cradle; in GUAW
1994-11-15 To the Misty Mountain: Led Zeppelin; in GUAW
1994-11-29 CG: Turkey Shoot
1994-12-13 Saint Goof: Kurt Cobain R.I.P.: Nirvana; in GUAW [Blown Away: Nirvana]
1994-12-27 CG: Louis Armstrong: Portrait of the Artist as a Young Man, The Very Best of the Shirelles
1994-??-?? No Nuthin: (Rockbeat) Milk for Pussy
1994-??-?? Why Do You Think They Call It Afrocentrism?: (Rockbeat) KRS-One in Transition
1994-??-?? Now It Can Be Told: (Rockbeat) Albert Goldman

City Pages

1994-??-?? Serious Music: Robert Walser: Running With the Devil
1994-??-?? Artistic Statement of the Year: Nirvana


1991-07 Classic Rock: Counterpoint with Julian Dibbell
1992-??-?? Cubic Pecs and Cowboy Hats: A Cowboy Roundup
1992-??-?? B.E.: A Dozen Moments in the Prehistory of Rock and Roll

L.A. Weekly

1994-??-?? Big Country: What Garth Brooks, Michael Bolton, Whitney Houston, and Barney Have in Common

New York Times Book Review

1990-08-12 Music for Goniffs: Fredrick Dannen: Hit Men, Dorothy Wade & Justine Picardie: Music Man
1991-??-?? Where Singing Matters: Helen Kivnick: Where Is the Way
1993-??-?? That Bad Man, Tough Old Huddie Ledbetter: Charles Wolfe & Kip Lornell: The Life and Legend of Leadbelly
1993-07-25 The Wolf I'm Beratin': David Vozar: Yo! Hungry Wolf

Video Review

1990-01 review: Young Einstein
1990-05 review: The B-52's 1979-1989
1990-06 review: Marianne Faithfull: Blazing Away
1990-08 review: Banned in the U.S.A.
1990-08 review: Lifestyles of the Ramones
1990-08 review: The Bob Marley Story: Caribbean Nights
1990-09 review: Ministry: In Case You Didn't Feel Like Showing Up (Live)
1990-10 review: Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: The Movie
1991-02 review: Prince: Graffiti Bridge
1991-03 review: Rosanne Cash: Interiors Live
1991-03 review: Marvin Gaye: Greatest Hits Live
1991-07 review: Aretha Franklin: The Queen of Soul
1991-07 review: Sinéad O'Connor: The Year of the Horse
1992-01 review: Ice-T: O.G. Original Gangster
1992-02 review: Shindig! Presents Motor City Magic; Shindig! Presents Frat Party; Shindig! Presents Jackie Wilson
????-?? review: Songs of the Civil War


1992-11-?? Rah! Rah! Sis-Boom-Bah!: Lecture at conference on Youth Music and Youth Culture, Princeton University

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