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To Do: Done

As To Do items are done, add them to the lists here (most recent, first). Note that this list does not generally include article or Consumer Guide additions. Use What's New for further information on article changes.

Nov. 21, 2002

  • Expanded album rel_date field from 4 to 8 characters, to allow for marking date sequences within years. Date sequences are marked "-0", "-1", "-2", etc. We've started to add these sequences to albums during proofreading of the CG '70s book.
  • Added album links to the Compilations section in the CG '90s book.
Oct. 30, 2002

  • Added a form to search for album titles, under the Consumer Guide search page.
Sept. 21, 2002

  • Added Pick Hit and Must to Avoid icons to CG columns.
Aug. 9, 2002

  • Added link bar to sequence Playboy articles.
  • Added an experimental script to explore predefined sets of reviews: get_regl.php. Defined two sets of data, one for African Music and one for Reggae.
July 2, 2002

  • Added book sale page for Don't Stop 'til You Get Enough. The latter now links to several sample essays.
  • Added news items to the home page. Hand edited, nuthin' fancy.
  • "See Also" page links extended to more essays (now 198 links, up from 75).
June 7, 2002

  • Changed get_label to list albums under artists. (Although only the artist is linked.)
  • Added ent_date field to album table, to track date of Consumer Guide entry. Updated data for 2002 reviews. (That leaves about 11k NULL values to work on.)
  • Added support for "See Also" links under get_artist. Populated the url table with 89 web pages from /xg/rock/. Populated the alink table with 75 see also links.
May 1, 2002 Apr. 25, 2002

  • Added CG Search to left navigation menu.
  • Implemented Consumer Guide Index by Year.
  • Implemented Consumer Guide Index by Grade.
  • Added Nitpicking Issues With the Lists page.
  • Adding Missing Consumer Guides to the CG '90s book, to help find consumer guides that were omitted from the printed book. Similar pages exist for CG '80s and CG '70s, except that we don't have most of the missing consumer guides for the earlier editions.
Mar. 12, 2002

  • The text to Any Old Way You Choose It is complete.
Feb. 14, 2002

  • The CG reviews for the 1970's book are done. That leaves 841 missing reviews from the 1980's book.
Feb. 2, 2002

  • Most CG scripts not check for the EP flag and append "EP" to the label name. Many (current count 144) EPs have been flagged; most likely quite a few haven't been flagged yet.
Jan. 29, 2002

  • Added a function which allows us to schedule delayed publication of articles, so that they can be prepared ahead of time and automatically published when scheduled. This provides an exclusive period of time for publishers (who after all are the ones who pay for the writing here) while making it easier to manage the website.
Jan. 23, 2002

  • Reduced the backlog of missing Consumer Guide reviews from 4602 to 2844. The additions include all A- or better reviews from the '70s CG book.
  • Added four (of five) Consumer Guides from 1969.
Dec. 27, 2001

  • Continuing work on bibliography, adding articles, updating dates, etc. Updated website.
Dec. 20, 2001

  • Added some fairly extensive bibliographical notes, courtesy of Joe Yanosik.
  • Added a link bar for the Pazz & Jop pieces: similar to the sequences used for books, except that each year is a cluster of three web pages, so the other two are centered.
Dec. 16, 2001

  • Added support for linking sequences together. Applied this to the book chapters/sections in the CG books.
  • The CG books are complete now, except for missing CG reviews and song credits.
  • The Pazz & Jop results have been extended back to 1971/1974 (no polls in 1972-1973), although voter totals are missing in some cases and other discrepancies still need to be checked. The Dean's Lists (Christgau's Pazz & Jop ballots and year-end lists) have been moved back into the Pazz & Jop directory, and the Index has been rewritten to group pages by year.
Dec. 11, 2001

  • Added HTML encoding for proper encoding of DOCTYPE and character set for HTML 4.01 Transitional. Home page validates by W3C.
Dec. 5, 2001

  • Added "A Lists" for CG '70s, '80s, and '90s books.
Dec. 2, 2001

Dec. 1, 2001

  • Added 156 Playboy columns, Apr. 1998-Sept. 2001.
Nov. 28, 2001

  • Added partial support for Choice Cuts. Added Choice Cuts albums from CG '90s book and subsequent CG columns. Choice Cuts albums are now listed in album listings, with choice cuts listed in CG review entry. Built a song table, but haven't yet added get_artist.php query to pull artist songs from compilations/soundtracks.
  • Added 457 albums graded Choice Cuts for Choice Cuts.
Nov. 26, 2001

  • Rewrote Home page. Added new pages for: HOWTO, Caveats, Acknowledgments, Biography, About This Website.
  • Added What's New script.
  • Replace "Voice Links" from left navigation menu with Bibliography.
  • Added Pazz & Jop annual articles back to 1989, and most Critics Poll totals.
  • Moved Pazz & Jop Dean's Lists to Lists.
  • Wrote custom Index for CG Columns. Added a number of 1983-1988 columns, mostly missing reviews. As an experiment, added some album covers for pick hit/must to avoid.
  • Changed HTML pages to eliminate use of <base> tag.
Nov. 15, 2001

  • Added "Subjects for Further Research" field to artist table, and added entries from CG 90's book.
  • Updated artist cross-references table, so that it is reasonably complete for current data.
Nov. 13, 2001