Bibliography Notes

Boston Phoenix

1984-08-28 Modern With a Human Face: John Edgar Wideman Writes Home: book review

City Pages

2000-11-22 Father Time: Bruce Sterling: Zeitgeist


????-?? Lesley's Turn to Fly


????-?? Sex From Outer Space: book: Alice Denham, Amo

New Yorker

1981-06-29 Healing Grace


1973-06 Rich, Black, & Satisfying--Consumer Guide to Coffee: [with Robert Christgau]
1974-05 The Loving Spoonfull--A Consumer Guide to America's Yogurts: [with Robert Christgau]
1975-04 The Great Gulp (A Consumer's Guide to Beer): [with Robert Christgau]

Paris Review

1977 (#70) A Misunderstanding

Radio Aahs



1997-01 Pass the Mic: Amy Rigby: Diary of a Mad Housewife [with Robert Christgau]

Video Review

All co-written with Robert Christgau.

1988-04 review: Prince: Sign "O" the Times
1988-05 review: Joe Jackson: Live in Tokyo
1988-07 review: Mickey and the Beanstalk; Mickey's Magical World; The Reluctant Dragon/Morris the Midget Mouse
1988-09 review: Timbuk 3: Greetings From Eden Alley Part One
1988-10 review: Carly Simon: Coming Around Again
1988-11 review: Young Country
1988-11 review: The Decline of Western Civilization--The Metal Years
1988-12 review: Clifford's Fun With Sounds; Clifford's Fun With Opposites
1989-01 review: Run-D.M.C.: Tougher Than Leather
1989-04 review: Konkombe: The Nigerian Pop Music Scene; Rhythm of Resistance: Black South African Music; Roots, Rock, Reggae: Inside the Jamaican Music Scene; Salsa: Latin Pop Music in the Cities
1989-06 review: The Land Before Time
1989-06 review: Woodstock
1989-08 review: Pink Floyd in Concert: Delicate Sound of Thunder
1989-09 review: Public Enemy: Fight the Power Live
1989-10 review: Great Balls of Fire
1989-10 review: Singing the Blues in Red
1989-11 review: Rolling Stone Presents Twenty Years of Rock & Roll
????-?? review: Les Blank: A Well Spent Life (1971), Chulas Fronteras (1976)

Village Voice

1974-05-09 Tunafish -- The Food That's Too Dangerous to Test
1974-10-17 Richard Pryor Stops Giggling
1975-02-18 Hunter High: What a Wonderful, Marvelous Creature Am I: (misc)
1975-03-17 Average AWB Fans
1975-09-01 Love Marx the Spot: book: The Little Hotel by Christina Stead
1975-10-27 Bonnie Raitt as Feminist Heroine
1975-11-24 The Ring Is Brass: book: The Realms of Gold by Margaret Drabble
1975-12-01 Ann Peebles Is Persuasive
1976-02-23 Do Women Lose More Than They Gain Through Self-Defense?: (misc)
1976-05-31 New Dolls: Professionalette: New York Dolls
1976-06-14 Coming of Age in Washington Square 1958: (misc)
1976-11-08 Suzy Plays a Floozy: Stormin' Norman and Suzy
1976-11-15 Jeanne Moreau at 48
1976-12-27 Tony Bird: A Surprising White Voice -- From Africa
1978-02-20 The Three Roches Crack Wise
1978-09-04 Shaun Cassidy Isn't Perfect!
1979-05-07 Pere Ubu Live in This Shit!
1979-12-31 How I Quit Re-Reading Dreiser and Found Neo-Realism in a Comic Book From Cleveland
1980-11-04 Si Kahn's Home Truths
1980-12-03 Are DNA
1980-12-10 Blondie's Power Cabaret
1981-01-?? Tom Robinson Loves Mary Lynne: Sector 27 in New York
1981-06-03 Pure Coquette: Taana Gardner
1981-09-?? Work Ethics: book review: Pat Baker: Blow Your House Down
1982-03-30 Esther Phillips With a Twist
1982-05 In the Family Way: Margaret Drabble Extends Herself: book
1982-06 COOL CATS: 25 Years of Rock 'n' Roll Style: book
1982-07-27 We Condemn the Gang of Four (Just Kidding)
1982-08-17 Rivington Street: book, by Meredith Tax
1983-03-?? Thinking About the Inconceivable
1983-05 Christina Stead, 1902-1983: book
1983-07-12 Marshall Crenshaw: The Person Responsible
1984-03-06 The Men in the Band: [with Robert Christgau]
1984-05-15 Run-D.M.C. See: Run-D.M.C.
1984-05-15 Castaway: book, by Lucy Irvine
1984-05-22 Big Job: Laurie Anderson
1984-06-05 Hot Fluff: book, Out on a Limb by Shirley MacLaine
1984-06-12 Marcia Ball, What She Is
1984-10-?? book review: In a High Place by Joanne Meschery book
1984-12 Finishing 'Under the Volcano': book
1992-??-?? Things You Didn't Know About Madonna's Book Party: [with Robert Christgau]
1989-10-16 Good Time, Bad Times: Maureen Tucker
1995-11-?? Not Alone With Steely Dan: Steely Dan
1996-04-16 Found in Translation: Los Lobos
1996-10-01 D-I-V-O-R-C-E: Amy Rigby
1996-11-26 Ten Kola Nuts: Oumou Sangare
1996-??-?? You Gotta All Jump: Les Ballet Africains [with Carola Dibbell]
1997-06-24 Irish Catholic: Fleadh Festival, 1997-06-14
1997-12-09 Big Mac: Fleetwood Mac
1998-01-27 What Ted Hawkins Story?
1998-??-?? Better With Age: The Raincoats
1998-06-02 Party in Bounds: B-52s
1998-10-06 Starring . . . Slinky: Soul Coughing: El Oso
1998-??-?? Give It Up: Bonnie Raitt: Fundamental
1999-06-22 Just Between Friends: (The Sound of the City) Go-Betweens
2000-06-20 November Songs: Lou Reed: Ecstasy, Patti Smith: Gung Ho
2000-09-05 Senior Dance: (The Sound of the City) Rokia Traoré
2000-10-08 Your Family of Man's Mustache: Gaby Kerpel
2002-01-22 Reality Czech: The Plastic People of the Universe
2002-04-23 Skipping on Air: Cornershop: Handcream for a Generation


1992-10-05 letter to Ann Powers and Evelyn McDonnell
1995-??-?? The Slits Go Native: Essay in Evelyn McDonnell and Ann Powers, eds., Rock She Wrote
1997-??-?? Inside Was Us: Women in Punk: from Trouble Girls: The Rolling Stone Book of Women in Rock
1998-??-?? [Real Piece of Work]
2002-06-24 Their Tiny Life: Oh OK liner notes [with Robert Christgau]
2010-07 Robert Forster: interview [with Robert Christgau]
2015- Let Us Now Praise Famous Death Dwarves: Revisiting Lester Bangs
????-??-?? Surviving Death